EA Materials Chemical and Solvent Products

Product Grade


Our Superior range consists of Reagent, HPLC, and USP grade of solvents, which are optimized for regulated analysis and highly demanding laboratory applications. Superior solvents offer extraordinary purity, providing higher sensitivity, greater accuracy and control during analysis in wide range of applications. Particularly, USP grade solvents are conformed to the requirements of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) monograph, which are often used for pharmaceutical and personal care products manufacturing.

Elite Advanced Materials Product Superior Grade


Our Classic range comprises of MOS, AR and AR+ grade of very high purity solvents. They are frequently used in sophisticated instruments, research and development or in scientific areas where quality and accuracy is critical. Furthermore, Classic solvents are suitable to use for general laboratory quality control, preparation of primary standards, buffers and volumetric solutions.

Elite Advanced Materials Product Classic Grade


Our Economic range is a line of basic grade solvents suitable for histology methods and general laboratory applications. Generally, they are of relatively high purity with unknown exact levels of impurities. The inexpensive Economic range solvents are thus the most popular grade for use in teaching and educational laboratory. They are also used for general laboratory work where an analytical reagent is not required.

Elite Advanced Materials Product Economic Grade

Other Series

Additionally, we have other grades such as IMPSOLV and Qcura. Whilst IMPSOLV consists of ready-made or custom-made blending solutions, Qcura is a range of solvent products specially formulated for application in medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. As such, our Qcura series solvents are ISO 13485:2016 certified with additional testing parameters such as Bacterial Endotoxin, Total Aerobic Microbial Count (TAMC), Total Combined Yeasts and Molds Count (TYMC), offering quality and confidence to customers.

Elite Advanced Materials Product Other Series Grade

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